Harley Rockers


Harley Rockers

Thank God There's Harleys...   So, let's show them!

The purpose of this Harley Davidson motorcycle website is to show all modified, converted, customized and personalized versions of the Harley Rocker® in every form, shape or condition.

In 2008, the Harley Davidson Motor Company extended its range of Softail® motorcycle models with a highly "customized" version: The Rocker. (you could ask yourself if a motorbike right off the factory can be regarded "customized"...)

Harley Rocker Motorcycle.

The Rocker - A Special Softail

While powered by a beautiful 96 cubic inch Twin Cam, and taking the bends and corners with a cool raked out front fork, the most striking features of the Rocker are the clean rear fender that hugs the fat rear tire, and the cantilevered seat positioned above that fender.

Photo of rear fender of 2009 Harley Rocker C Softail Motorbike.

On top of that, the Rocker C model includes a fold-away passenger seat, which - with all the attention you are sure to get with this bike - will always come in handy when you pick up someone unexpectedly...

Custom Rockers - Only a Matter of Time . . .

Whereas the Rocker can be seen as a rather successful attempt by the factory to put something special in the market, we all know that for the average Harley biker "factory" is not good enough to express feelings, attitude and personality.

We want to be different. We need to be different. So, springer forks, spoked wheels, oldschool saddles, peanut gastanks, flaming custom paint jobs or grimy black truckbed paint, suicide clutches, floorboards, you name it, it's all a matter of time...


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Humble beginnings...

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HD Softail BOBBERS (beauty created in a shed)

The Harley Softail frame was designed to catch the classic lines of the rigid hardtail frames of the old Flatheads, Knuckleheads and Panheads. The specific geometry of the rear end makes the Softail frame very suitable for building an old style Bobber.

A Bobber is basically a motorcycle of which all components that do not contribute to speed have been removed. Get rid of those bulky fenders, toolboxes, saddlebags. No need for a passenger seat or indicator lights. Strip your machine down to the bare essentials. That's basically it.

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